PiPo Tablet Official Firmware and User's Manual Downloads

Most of the customer feedback to download the firmware needs BaiDu account, you can use the following Baidu account to download the official firmware.
Username: emilielin299@yahoo.com

Password: Bicgate123!

PiPO X9S Dual system Firmware  2016-12-02  Download

PiPO W1pro Official Firmware Upgrade     2016-11-22  Download

PiPO W2S Official Firmware Upgrade     2016-09-20  Download

PiPO X10 Official Win10&Android Firmware Upgrade     2016-09-02  Download

PiPO X1S Official Firmware Upgrade     2016-06-14  Download

PiPO X6S Multi-language Installation  2016-03-14  Download

PiPO X9S Multi-language Installation  2016-03-12  Download

PiPO X8 Software Win10 dual system   2015-08-16   ROM

PiPo X8 dual boot tablet firmware    2015-06-1     ROM

PiPo X7S dual boot tablet firmware    2015-04-30     ROM

PiPo X7 Win8 System English Firmware    2015-03-15     ROM

PiPo X7 BIOS firmware    2015-01-23     ROM

PiPo X7 driver firmware    2015-02-11     ROM

PIPO C2 Android Client    2015-06-14     ROM

PiPo W8 Core M Tablet System Firmware ROM in English    2015-06-01     ROM

PiPo W6S dual boot tablet firmware    2015-07-08     ROM

PiPo W6 driver firmware    2014-12-14     ROM

PiPo W4 dual boot tablet firmware    2015-05-29     ROM

PiPO W4 Drivers English version   2015-07-08  ROM

PiPO W4 Software bios   2015-01-04   ROM

PiPo W3F dual boot tablet firmware    2015-03-14     ROM

PiPo W3F BIOS firmware    2015-02-10     ROM

PiPo W3F drive firmware    2015-02-09     ROM

PiPo W3F Win8 system firmware    2015-01-22     ROM

PiPo W2F BIOS firmware    2015-01-24     ROM

PiPo W2F driver firmware    2015-01-11     ROM

PiPo W2F Win8 system firmware    2014-11-22     ROM

PiPo W7 BIOS firmware    2015-01-06     ROM

PiPo W7 driver firmware    2015-01-16     ROM

PiPo W7 Win8 system firmware    2015-03-19     ROM

PiPo W5 BIOS V1.2_20150126 firmware    2015-01-26     ROM

PiPo W5 Win8 system firmware    2014-11-22     ROM

PiPo P7 wifi version tablet firmware    2015-03-20     ROM

PiPo P8 tablet firmware    2014-11-12     ROM

PiPo P9 wifi version tablet firmware    2015-01-07     ROM

PiPo P9 3G version tablet firmware    2015-01-07     ROM

PiPo P4 wifi version tablet firmware    2014-10-30     ROM

PiPo P4 3G version tablet firmware    2014-10-30     ROM

PiPo P1 wifi version tablet firmware    2014-11-25     ROM

PiPo P1 3G version tablet firmware    2014-11-25     ROM

PiPo T9s tablet update firmware    2015-01-22     ROM

PiPo T8 tablet update firmware    2014-09-17     ROM

PiPO M8HD Firmware upgrade

PiPO M8HD_software_3G&WiFi_english&chinese_OTA_20130924

M6 Pro Firmware upgrade

    PiPO M6pro_software_OTA_201310152013-10-18
    PiPO M6pro software_NO 3G_chinese version_201309142013-09-28
    PiPO M6pro software_3G_chinese version_201309132013-09-28

M6 Pro User's manual
    PiPO M6pro user manual

M9S Firmware upgrade
   PiPO M9s_software_WiFi_chinese_20141219 2014-12-21

M9 Pro Firmware upgrade

    PiPO M9pro_software_3G&WiFi_english version_201310302013-10-31
    PiPO M9pro_software_OTA_201310232013-10-24
    PiPO M9pro_software_sms_3G_20131010 2013-10-12
    PiPO M9pro software_3G_chinese version_20130906 2013-09-09
    PiPO M9pro software_NO 3G_chinese version_20130906 2013-09-09

M9 Pro User's manual

    PiPO M9pro OTA User Manual  2013-11-06
    PiPO M9pro chinese user manual  2013-08-02

PiPO M7pro Firmware upgrade

    PiPO M7pro_software_3G&WiFi_english&chinese_OTA_20131028  2013-10-30
    PiPO M7pro software_NO 3G_chinese version_20130911  2013-09-13
    PiPO M7pro software_3G_chinese version_20130907  2013-09-13
    PiPO M7pro software_3G_english version_20130907  2013-09-13
    PiPO M7pro software_NO 3G_english version_20130911   2013-09-13

PiPO M7pro User's manual

    PiPO M7pro user manual  2013-08-19
    PiPO M7pro chinese user manual  2013-07-18

PiPO M8pro Firmware upgrade

    PiPO M8pro_update_20140403_4.4.2#395_2014_05_24_android 4.4.22014_05_24

    PiPO M8pro software_3G_chinese version_20131111_android4.2.2013-11-12
    PiPO M8pro software_NO 3G_chinese version_20131111_android4.2 2013-11-12
    PiPO M8pro software_3G_english version_android 4.2_20130628  2013-06-01
    PiPO M8pro software_english version_20130628   2013-06-01
    PiPO M8pro_3G_software_chinese version_20130509   2013-05-13
    PIPO M8pro software_chinese version_20130509   2013-04-22

PiPO M8pro User's manual

    PiPO M8pro english user manual    2013-05-23
    PiPO M8pro chinese user manual   2013-05-08

PiPO U6 Firmware upgrade

    PiPO U6_software_chinese version_20131015  2013-10-30